Who is Team Wazzio?

Our founders started Wazzio in 2013 because they found that so many services, products and options were available via subscription services prompting users to remember multiple passwords. With so much accessibility to these handy options, how does a user keep track of all their subscriptions, service options, learning tools, etc.? Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone if there was one place where you can visit to obtain everything you need - at your fingertips?

This is the reason why we build software that enables our users to receive access to information and services when they need and want it. It really shouldn’t be difficult to keep track of the necessary information you search for, need, and want access to - especially if it’s costing you money, time, affects your everyday life, work or education. This is where Wazzio’s products come into play. 

Wazzio wants to be the brand you think of when you need access to a product or tool that immediately connects you to the information you seek. We’re here to simplify the process of consuming and sharing information.

Wazzio is here to make your life a whole lot easier.

Coming Soon - WazzCards!

WazzCards is a collaborative digital note-taking tool with many useful functions. It allows you to gather and select critical information in one place with ease, reinforcing sharing, creative input and concise research. Use it to create cue cards to share with your students for a class lesson. Or, use it as a corporate library to streamline training notes or meeting minutes. The way we learn and distribute information in this digital age has evolved dramatically. With this all-in-one online solution, you can share the most important and relevant information required to be successful in an educational or corporate setting. 

WazzCards Highlights Important Information

Invest in your employees and streamline company information with ease

Students apply themselves more in a collaborative and sharing environment

For Corporations

Great for the following departments: HR, Sales, Marketing, Compliance and Training

- Collaborative and comprehensive tool for businesses and employees
- Provide critical information to employees that can be shared instantly
- Supply important product changes, updates, pricing etc. without the hassle of spreadsheets
- Security and data protection processes 
- Amend and update critical changes with HR and within your employee handbook

For Schools

Great for the following: School Districts, Administrators, Teachers and Students

- Collaborative tool for teachers and students
- Sign in with your Google Classroom ID
- Teachers can share lessons with students to help with retention
- Great note takers can create notes to share and support other students with class work, assignments and upcoming tests
- Students can collaborate with each other by sharing cards

We are WBE Canada certified!

Founded by corporations to provide certification services for their supplier diversity programs, WBE Canada certifies Canadian Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) who provide products or services to corporations and government organizations.

Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) Canada Certified