K12 and Kids learning at home or remotely

One of the most prominent challenges families face when transitioning their kids to distance learning is maintaining focus and attention. Even the best of us struggle with creating a classroom environment for home education, and it is a constant struggle to keep distractions away. 

Parents are already aware of how short young children’s attention spans are. They need constant stimulation and out-of-the-box techniques to understand challenging concepts and grasp large chunks of information. 

If you’ve been having trouble with keeping kids engaged during distance learning, look no further. Here are some great tips that will help you motivate your children to get the best of your online education practices.

1. Keep Learning Fun

In the classroom, teachers utilize various projects, activities, and cue cards to help children study. These are essential as different kids grasp information with different techniques. Some can pick up difficult topics by reading long passages, while others require visual cues and short points.

You need to figure out what works best for your children and incorporate fun activities into their K12 material. Try to come up with quizzes and projects which will allow them to apply their knowledge through creative means.

WazzCards is also a great tool to bring to the study table. It’s a virtual classroom that allows teachers to educate through curated decks of multiple-choice questions created by certified teachers.   

2. Plan Virtual Field Trips

While previously unheard of, virtual trips have gained incredible popularity since the COVID outbreak shut us indoors. They are a great way to let your children have an educative break where they can relax and enjoy themselves while also discovering the wonders of the world around them.

From museum tours to botanical gardens and zoos, you can use Facebook or YouTube to quickly find a virtual tour for any place your children might want to visit. 

3. Reduce Distractions

One of the most challenging parts of distance learning is creating a distraction-free zone for your children. The daily hustle-bustle of life can be difficult to keep out during study hours. Whether it’s your neighbors mowing their lawn or your dog having the zoomies, all of these distractions will hinder your child’s focus.

An excellent practice is to dedicate a study space with minimal noise and distractions to allow your children to engage with their learning fully

4.Make a Checklist

If your child has trouble focusing, try to break down his daily school work into a checklist. It will help him focus on individual tasks instead of getting overwhelmed by a lot of work. He will also feel highly motivated as he accomplished each task and checks it off the list.

Final Thoughts

Taking on distance learning responsibility can be difficult for parents to manage, especially if they work full time or have many other duties. You will need to supervise your children’s education practices directly and make sure they are well- engaged.

By following the tips above and using lots of positive feedback, we are sure you will fare well and form a deeper bond with your children as they succeed academically. To find out how Wazzio can help you accomplish this, visit our website.

Written by Cher Grant